Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News/Bad News!

The good and the bad abound:

Good – Voting in Egypt is peaceful with a greater-than-expected turnout.

Bad – Recriminations between the U.S. and Pakistan continue unabated about the most recent excuse for ill will – the killing of Pakistani soldiers by NATO aircraft.

Good/Bad – Looks like naughty boy Hermie Cain is gonna drop out. We’ll miss him.

Bad – The Europeans can’t get their financial act together. Hurry up, guys, before it’s too late.

Bad – Urban Meyer’s obscene compensation deal for agreeing to coach their football team.

Good/Bad – NFL suspends the Lions’ Suh for two games for stomping an opponent. Should have been more.

Good – The Arab League’s sanctions against Syria.

Bad – Barney Frank won’t run for reelection.

Bad – Putin running again and retaining control in Russia.

Good – Joe Arpaio endorses Rick Perry. They deserve each other.

Good – Lipitor loses patent protection day after tomorrow.

Bad – Gingrich gaining strength.

Good – Xmas sales season is off to a good start.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What are the Chances?

What are the chances that:

Europe will get through its financial crisis with the Euro and The European Union intact? Not good.

The U.S. will make any substantive progress on its debt, budget and tax impasse before the next election? Not good.

Egypt will end up a year or two from now with a non-military, non-extremist democratic government that has realized the promise of their revolution? Not good.

Syria will emerge from its current troubles as a stable country without a bloody insurrection and civil war? Not good.

The 49’ers will beat Baltimore on Thanksgiving Day? Not good.

Romney will win in Iowa and New Hampshire and wrap up the nomination early? Not good.

Any team will overtake Manchester City and win the Premier League? Not good.

Within the next year I’ll be able to see new movies at home on my TV, even if I’m willing to pay a lot? Not good.

Iran will be deterred from building nuclear weapons without a military strike against them? Not good.

The Supreme Court will leave key provisions of the health care bill intact? Not good.

The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon will reduce financial and social inequality around the world? Not good.

The Americans Elect movement will generate a viable third party alternative in 2012? Not good.

I’m being too cynical in my overall assessment of the world around me? Not good.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Opinions For Today!

The NBA season is in jeopardy. Good! I won’t miss it. Can only hope the owners and players lose a lot of money, which is what the whole argument is about.

Penn State and the Catholic Church – two peas in a pod. May the Good Lord make sure bad things happen to all of ‘em.

Newt Gingrich is dangerous. He’s an evil, arrogant, supercilious egomaniac. He’s also very smart and articulate, and therefore more of a threat than most of his competition.

The Super Committee has a week left to come up with answers to all our problems. Wanna bet on whether they’ll succeed? They’ll do something to save face and that’s about all.

About the Occupy Wall Streeters and their offshoots: Protest – yes. Camp out – no. Their grievances are legitimate. In the end their lack of focus will minimize their impact.

The Supremes are gonna rule on the health care bill. Unless one of the gang of five ‘more political than judicial’ justices dies I’m not gonna like the decision.

Charlie Rose hosting “The Early Show”? Bad decision, Charlie. Another hero is seduced by – what?

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Hermie, Hermie, Hermie.

You’ve been a bad boy, Hermie. Naughty, naughty. What the heck, though. Boys will be boys, right?

Your outraged, repeated denials are kind of cute. Nobody believes you, of course, even those diehard fans who think it’s a fabricated story created by lefties and their flunkies who control the press. Well, that’s not quite accurate. Mrs. Hermie believes you. Her hubby wouldn’t behave that way. No, Sirree. Not my Hermie.

There’s no way you’re gonna change your story. And that’s good. More ladies will come forth with lies about you. The stories will become more graphic. Doesn’t matter. You’ve done nothing wrong. Never have. Never will.

Well, good for you. For those of us who don’t care about you and your past (or your present) it’s a welcome diversion from the boredom of watching Mittie move on inexorably to his nomination. Now if some ladies from Mitt’s past would come forth with some goodies, that would be interesting. Fuggett it. Ain’t gonna happen.