Wednesday, April 24, 2019


What’s on my mind today:

To impeach or not impeach?  The Dems are in a tizzy about which way to go.  I say wait.  Get more facts and if there is a case to be built, make it a stronger one.  The likelihood of a successful impeachment is near zero.  All that initiating the process will do is divert attention from the real issues the Dems should be focusing on.

Still on politics:  Do I have a preference among all the Dems running?  The question for me is who will make the best president, not who can beat Trump or who is more or less progressive.  At this point my answer is Biden.

Big game today is the Manchester Derby.  I’d like to see Liverpool win the league, so that has me favor United over City today.  On the other hand, my fantasy football team has three City players, so it would help me if they score points.  Conclusion: Let’s have United win or draw and my guys do a lot of scoring in a losing cause.

Still on sports:  Game 5 for the Warriors tonight.  Time to put the Clippers (who have been very impressive in the playoffs) away.  True, the magical beauty of the Warriors has slipped a bit this season, but when they are on they are still a wonder to watch.  The odds are that Durant will go elsewhere this summer.  Why?  Not obvious to the world outside his mind.  Too bad if he leaves.  Watching his graceful perfection is awesome.

Game of Thrones:  Over the past two months I’ve watched this wonderful show from the beginning.  I had not watched it at all before now.  I’ve completed Season 6 and have a decision to make.  If I watch Season 7 I’ll be caught up before Season 8 is over, and will then need to wait week to week for the next episode.  I’m inclined to stop for a while and then start again when the end is near so I can binge if I want. 

Have a great day!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Take a Breath!

Every day is filled with breathless stuff:

Breaking News every other minute
The latest revelation
The scandal du jour
Rumors/Gossip/Be the first to know

Breathless stuff!

Today is a case in point, a good time to take a breath and relax:

Extradition of Julian Assange to the U.S. is going to take a while.  Yesterday’s breathless arrest is the first step in a long process.

We’ll likely see the redacted Mueller report next week.  The coverage will be 24/7 and breathless.  But the process of seeing all of it will take months.  So relax.

Brexit, or the lack of it, has garnered daily breathless coverage.  Will she or won’t she?  Will the EU or won’t it?  What will the next vote bring?  This one, too, will take a while to unfold.

Sudan’s longtime dictator, and Algeria’s too, are gone.  Are we seeing another Arab Spring?  Will democracy have a chance?  What’s next?  Breathless, impossible to answer, questions.  Don’t get too excited too soon.

Conjecture, too, is endless and breathless.  Yes, the NBA playoffs begin this weekend.  And yes, there are opinions coming from every direction – what if’s and how about’s and countless analyses – all adding up to limited value at best.  Let the games be played first.

The mantra for today and every day:  Take a Breath!