Friday, June 07, 2013

I've Lost Track!

It’s all too confusing for my feeble brain.

Where does all this secret surveillance start and stop?  First I thought it was aimed at the AP and a Fox reporter.  Then they talked about overseas phone calls.  And then it was domestic calls, especially using Verizon.  And then it was all forms of electronic communication between American and others.  I’m lost.  Except now that leaders of both parties plus the administration say it is necessary and everything is OK – I’m suspicious.

But that’s not all.  Obamacare is on the way.  I’ve been trying to figure out what the rules are, who is affected, who is not affected, what it all means.  Totally confusing.  They say it’ll be clear soon, or at least before it is implemented next year.  Right!

And then there’s Syria.  There’s Assad’s people, supported by Iran and Hezbollah and Russia and I guess a few others.  And then there’s the rebels, supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and I guess a few others.  Except the rebels are many groups, including those we would call bad guys because they’re Al Qaeda-like.  Who do we support?  And if we knew, how would we support them?  It is an out-of-control scenario from hell.

In a larger context it’s about Sunni vs. Shi’a.  Just a small problem that is about 1,500 years in the making.  Good luck with controlling or influencing that one.

Iraqis are blowing each other up in increasing numbers.  Egypt is floundering.  The Turks have taken to the streets.  Iran has an election soon with hard liners vs harder liners.  The Afghans are on the receiving end of a renewed Taliban offensive.  Europe is in the economic toilet.  Etc., etc., etc.

Like I say – I’ve lost track.