Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Like many, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been consumed by the drama that is unfolding as we speak – impeachment, Ukraine, testimony, Trump, etc.  Which is a good reason to step away and think about something else.

So how about foghorns?  In recent weeks we’ve had low fog in the bay, accompanied in the background by the unique sound of several foghorns.  Often they seem to recede and I don’t even hear them, until I pay attention and there they are.  At least two and sometimes three distinct sounds, one lower in tone than the others and each occurring at various times.

Okay, fine, so what?  Is there a problem here?  These things have been around forever, so what’s new?  What’s new is that I can’t figure out how these foghorns are of real value.  I looked up a definition and found:

foghorn is a warning signal that makes a loud noise when it's very foggy. The sound of a foghorn is a warning to sailors and ship captains. ... Its warning noise lets those at sea know when they're approaching a rocky coastline or other obstacles they can't see in the fog.

I could have guessed and come up with a similar definition.  But it doesn’t help.  If I were on a ship in the fog how would I know where the foghorns were?  If they get louder does that mean I’m in trouble and should go another way?  And which way exactly?  Sounds like a very imprecise danger signal.

Maybe foghorns were the best they had a century or two ago.  But this is 2019, and we’ve got GPS to guide us.  Seems to me that at best the foghorns can confuse the issue.  Having said that, I’d vote to keep them as a pleasant reminder of a simpler past.  We don’t need them to avoid accidents, but listening to them repeat themselves in their distinctive way puts a smile on my face.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Mayor Pete!

I’m one of those people who is looking around for a good alternative to Joe Biden, someone more moderate than Warren and Sanders who can beat Trump.

Why not stay with Biden?  Too low energy and running on the past, not proposing a better future.  If he’s the nominee I’ll vote for him, but not enthusiastically.  So who else?

For a while I was leaning toward Warren, even though her intense personality turns me off and even though I think her policies are too radical for my taste.  Again, I’d vote for her should she be the nominee, but not enthusiastically.

I’ve never warmed to Bernie and none of the others, except Mayor Pete, have won me over.  I remember that when I first listened to Buttigieg I was impressed.  Smart, articulate, good ideas, maybe a touch too glib, but impressive nonetheless.  Since he continues to rise in the polls, obviously others are having the same reaction.

Beating Trump is the main goal.  Is this country ready to replace him with a gay guy?  I’ve been asking myself this question.  Same concern many had in 2008: Were we ready to put a black man in the oval office?  Turns out we were ready and did it twice.  At this point I’m not willing to make sexual orientation the determinant.  If I prefer Mayor Pete over the others I’ll support him.

And that’s where I am at the moment.  Go Buttigieg!