Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News/Bad News!

The good and the bad abound:

Good – Voting in Egypt is peaceful with a greater-than-expected turnout.

Bad – Recriminations between the U.S. and Pakistan continue unabated about the most recent excuse for ill will – the killing of Pakistani soldiers by NATO aircraft.

Good/Bad – Looks like naughty boy Hermie Cain is gonna drop out. We’ll miss him.

Bad – The Europeans can’t get their financial act together. Hurry up, guys, before it’s too late.

Bad – Urban Meyer’s obscene compensation deal for agreeing to coach their football team.

Good/Bad – NFL suspends the Lions’ Suh for two games for stomping an opponent. Should have been more.

Good – The Arab League’s sanctions against Syria.

Bad – Barney Frank won’t run for reelection.

Bad – Putin running again and retaining control in Russia.

Good – Joe Arpaio endorses Rick Perry. They deserve each other.

Good – Lipitor loses patent protection day after tomorrow.

Bad – Gingrich gaining strength.

Good – Xmas sales season is off to a good start.

Have a nice day!


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