Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What are the Chances?

What are the chances that:

Europe will get through its financial crisis with the Euro and The European Union intact? Not good.

The U.S. will make any substantive progress on its debt, budget and tax impasse before the next election? Not good.

Egypt will end up a year or two from now with a non-military, non-extremist democratic government that has realized the promise of their revolution? Not good.

Syria will emerge from its current troubles as a stable country without a bloody insurrection and civil war? Not good.

The 49’ers will beat Baltimore on Thanksgiving Day? Not good.

Romney will win in Iowa and New Hampshire and wrap up the nomination early? Not good.

Any team will overtake Manchester City and win the Premier League? Not good.

Within the next year I’ll be able to see new movies at home on my TV, even if I’m willing to pay a lot? Not good.

Iran will be deterred from building nuclear weapons without a military strike against them? Not good.

The Supreme Court will leave key provisions of the health care bill intact? Not good.

The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon will reduce financial and social inequality around the world? Not good.

The Americans Elect movement will generate a viable third party alternative in 2012? Not good.

I’m being too cynical in my overall assessment of the world around me? Not good.


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