Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Opinions For Today!

The NBA season is in jeopardy. Good! I won’t miss it. Can only hope the owners and players lose a lot of money, which is what the whole argument is about.

Penn State and the Catholic Church – two peas in a pod. May the Good Lord make sure bad things happen to all of ‘em.

Newt Gingrich is dangerous. He’s an evil, arrogant, supercilious egomaniac. He’s also very smart and articulate, and therefore more of a threat than most of his competition.

The Super Committee has a week left to come up with answers to all our problems. Wanna bet on whether they’ll succeed? They’ll do something to save face and that’s about all.

About the Occupy Wall Streeters and their offshoots: Protest – yes. Camp out – no. Their grievances are legitimate. In the end their lack of focus will minimize their impact.

The Supremes are gonna rule on the health care bill. Unless one of the gang of five ‘more political than judicial’ justices dies I’m not gonna like the decision.

Charlie Rose hosting “The Early Show”? Bad decision, Charlie. Another hero is seduced by – what?

Have a nice day!


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