Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Woulda Thought?

Who woulda thought:

The Godfather Pizza guy would be leading the Republican polls? Don’t worry – it won’t last.

The Niners would be 5-1? Hope springs eternal.

We’d have boots on the ground to fight the Lord’s Resistance Army? OK, a moral stand.

They’d give Rajaratnam 11 years? You’ve been a bad boy.

Europe’s economic survival would depend on Slovakia? Don’t worry, it doesn’t.

Berlusconi would survive to play another day? I woulda thought that.

The Israelis would give back 1,000 bad guys to bring Schalit home? Go figure.

Iran would hire a Mexican drug guy/DEA informant to kill the Saudi ambassador? Not me.

The “Book of Mormon” would wow Broadway? Joseph Smith visits South Park.

Fois gras would be banned in California? Guess that figures. Vegans Rule!

Have a nice day.


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