Friday, April 18, 2014


Which of these promises have been kept?

Guantanamo will be closed.
Immigration reform will be passed.
ObamaCare will be repealed/implemented.
Gay marriage will be made legal/kept illegal.
Taxes will be raised/lowered.
Income inequality will be reduced.
More jobs will be created.
Poverty in the U.S. will decrease.
Education in the U.S. will improve.
Climate change issues will be addressed.
More students will be able to afford college.
The U.S. will adopt an energy policy.
Equality for women will become a reality.
The increasing influence of money in politics will be reduced.
Recurring slaughters will lead to some controls on guns.
Returned veterans will receive the benefits they deserve.

Broken promises are ubiquitous.  They are not limited to one political party.  They are not limited to one interest group.  Until people call promise makers to account for their broken promises nothing will change.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

In Case You Missed It!

In Pakistan, a 9-month old boy has been charged with attempted murder.  In court he stopped crying after he was given his bottle.  He’s now in hiding.  How did this happen?  Don’t ask.

In San Francisco, Shrimp Boy Chow’s lawyer says the FBI entrapped his client.  I wonder if Shrimp Boy’s co-defendant, State Senator Yee, will make the same claim.

Separatist movements seem to be in vogue – in Quebec, Spain, Ukraine, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, and many more – most of which you’ve never heard of.

The Navy, Coast Guard and California Air National Guard won’t seek reimbursement for rescuing a family on a broken-down sailboat 900 miles off the coast of Mexico.  The family included two kids, 1 and 3 years old.  It’s fine to rescue for free.  It’s not fine for two parents to take toddlers on a long sea journey.  How about charging them with criminal endangerment – or something?

The Secret Service guys who were drunk while in the Netherlands to protect Obama (one was found passed out in a hotel hallway) have been reassigned.  Nice for Obama; not nice for the next person they’re supposed to protect.  I wonder what it takes to get fired from that job.

Al Sharpton says the story that he was an FBI informer in the 80’s is old news.  Right.  Still juicy though.  Seeing the righteous get outed is fun – old or new.

There is a great recipe for carciofi all giudia (fried artichokes Jewish Roman style) in today’s New York Times.  Check it out.

Have a nice day! 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fools!

The Israelis and Palestinians will agree to a two-state solution.
Putin will modify his dream that Mother Russia get her way – about everything.
The Republicans will put the needs of the country above partisanship.
The Democrats will put the needs of the country above partisanship.
Money will stop being the dominant force in American politics.
A common sense approach to immigration reform will win the day.
The Giants will win the 2014 World Series.
Iraqis will stop blowing each other up.
Syrians will stop killing each other.
Egypt will become a functioning democracy.
The gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. will lessen.
The gap between the rich and poor around the world will lessen.
The global climate change disaster will be confronted and turned around.
Equality for women will become a reality in the 21st century.

A cynical list on this Fools Day?  Yes it is.

Have a nice day.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Should You Be Skeptical?

Yes, you should be skeptical:

That the sanctions against Russia will do any good.
That US/Afghan relations will improve once Karzai is gone.
That the Supreme Court will rule it’s OK for Obamacare to require contraceptive coverage.
That the NCAA will allow players to unionize anytime soon.
When the Democrats say they won’t lose their Senate majority in the 2014 midterms.
About Kerry succeeding in his Israel/Palestine initiative.
That Egypt will be more democratic under Sissi than it was under Mubarak.
That actions by the business community to stop a global climate change catastrophe will succeed.
That actions by political leaders to stop a global climate change catastrophe will succeed.
That actions by environmental activists to stop a global climate change catastrophe will succeed.
That the Catholic Church will make any fundamental changes under Pope Francis.
When you hear that Chris Christie didn’t know his people had blocked the bridge.

Have a nice day!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Training BS!

The season starts in about ten days.  The baseball universe is getting ready for another round – and in the spring hope springs eternal.  By now we should know what to expect from players and managers as they collude to keep the truth from us.  But we listen just the same:

About the starting pitcher who gave up 5 runs, 7 hits, 3 walks and 2 home runs in two innings:  Don’t worry.  He’s working on his control and his velocity wasn’t bad.

About the infielder who has only played two innings so far this spring and has back pain:  Don’t worry.  He’s 50-50 to be ready Opening Day. 

About the outfielder who hasn’t played in two weeks because of a leg problem:  Don’t worry.  I’d be in there every day if these games really counted.

About the relief pitcher who left after facing one batter:  Don’t worry.  I’m just being careful to build up my arm strength gradually.

About the catcher who sat out the last two games because of a ‘minor’ tweak in his arm:  Don’t worry.  I’ll be fine tomorrow.

About the closer who hasn’t yet struck out a batter:  Don’t worry.  He’s trying some new pitches so he doesn’t rely solely on his slider.

Right, boys.  Nothing to worry about.  Thanks for filling us in.