Monday, October 31, 2011


About the Madoffs:

Ruth is clueless. Had no idea what was going on.

The surviving son is telling the truth. He didn’t know about the old man’s Ponzi scheme.

Herman Cain’s denial of sexual misconduct is a lie. He is guilty – and more women will step forward to accuse him of behaving badly with them.

The U.S. carrot/stick approach to Pakistan aimed at convincing them to be more helpful in preventing terrorists on their side of the border from attacking Americans in Afghanistan – will fail.

Albert Pujols will be heavily wooed – and will stay in St. Louis.

Unfortunately – Stanford will not make it through the season undefeated.

Ed Lee will be elected Mayor in San Francisco.

The Occupy Wall Street protests won’t lead to a groundswell that will really make a difference. The anger and frustration are real and justified. But there is no compelling rallying cry and it is too easy for opportunists to put up tents and hang out.

Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” campaign is the best approach he’s come up with so far. And maybe too little too late.

The Congressional Super Committee will not reach an agreement by Nov. 23. Then it really gets interesting.


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