Monday, March 14, 2016

Paying Attention - Or Not!

The world hasn’t been paying attention to the conflict in South Sudan, where all sides are guilty of rape and killing and pillage against the unarmed innocent people who just happen to live there.

The world has been paying attention to the flood of refugees looking for asylum in Europe and elsewhere.  The attention being paid hasn’t resulted in an agreed-upon way to alleviate the suffering.

The insane political process underway in the U.S. has been receiving a lot of attention.  There is no sign the insanity is abating.  Nor is it likely to . . .

March Madness is upon us.  Predictably, attention is building.

Each day there are multiple reports of bombings and shootings and other assorted perpetrations of violence.  They used to be big news.  They are now received with a collective “ho hum.”  Unless the victims are close to where you are.

The baseball season will begin soon.  Mixed attention for this one.  For some, we can’t wait.  For others, a collective yawn.

Not much attention being paid to Israel-Palestine these days.  A charitable way to describe it would be to say the peace process is in remission.

Choosing a replacement for Scalia on the Supreme Court will receive attention for the rest of this year.  A torrent of opinions, none of which will make any difference to the outcome.


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