Monday, February 15, 2016

No Need to Follow!

If you read or watch the news and wanna save some time, here’s a suggested list of subjects you don’t need to follow:

Replacing Antonin Scalia: the Republicans will do everything they can to stop Obama.  The Dems will do everything they can to get a replacement confirmed.  No need to follow the day-to-day skirmishes.

Choosing a Republican nominee: these guys will continue to batter each other into the summer.  No need to follow the details, unless that is you love soap operas.

Choosing a Democratic nominee: Clinton will struggle and win in the end.  No need to follow the details.

The daily rundown of suicide bombings all over the world: that they are repeated in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Iraq, etc. is horrible but not new news.  No need to follow, except when it occurs in a new location, which will happen and should not surprise anyone.

The Zika virus epidemic: bottom line is to avoid mosquitoes and pay attention when a vaccine is developed, which will take a while.  In the meantime, no need to follow the daily scare stories.

Talks aimed at stopping the carnage in Syria: diplomatic doublespeak aside, until the Russians and Assad want it to end, ain’t gonna happen.  No need to follow the news releases that say nothing new.

Add your own favorite subjects not to follow.  Anything that you say should be on the list – should be on the list.


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