Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away!

Good news:  Lots of rain as El Niño comes to town.

More good news:

Obama may not get far with his effort to reduce the power of the NRA and modestly limit the proliferation of firearms, but that he has reached point in his presidency (and his life) in which he allows himself to express emotion in public is good to see.

The 49’ers fire their coach and (almost) admit that management incompetence is responsible for a franchise that is in the toilet.

Barry Bonds won’t make it to the Hall of Fame this time around, but finally a few voters are abandoning their knee jerk ‘no’ and are willing to take a look at his accomplishments on the field.

FIFA continues to punish and ban the criminals who have been running world football for decades.  Too little too late, but a start.

With their latest round of barbaric executions the Saudis have overplayed their hand.  Some day the U.S. will acknowledge that having this Wahhabi regime as an ally is an embarrassment.  Some day the U.S. may even see that those bad boy Iranians are not all bad.

While the Middle East is a disaster area and Europe is struggling, Asia is relatively peaceful and doing pretty well.  China size and power frighten their neighbors, but they are preoccupied with internal issues and pose no immediate threat.

Trump continues to be Trump.  That’s a good thing.   


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