Monday, October 26, 2015


I’ve resisted the temptation to take seriously the possibility that a Trump or Carson could be elected president.  In the end, I’ve figured, common sense will prevail and the establishment will win.  My old paradigm is still in place for the Democrats.  It’ll be Hillary.  But I now need to look again at the Republicans.

Clearly, the level of dissatisfaction and disgust with politics as usual among the population at large has gained momentum and isn’t going to go away.  I can both get that and get behind it.  Even so, I’m not at the point where I think that anyone will do.  Certainly not an unqualified egomaniac like Trump or a scarily extreme ideologue like Carson.  But many people, maybe even a majority, disagree with me.

I may be a wishful thinker, but in a general election I don’t think either Trump or Carson would beat Clinton.  If I’m wrong, we Americans will get what we deserve.  It’s democracy after all.  But a Rubio, who I think will end up being the Republican nominee, would have a good chance of winning.

However it turns out, there is a message in the Trump/Carson phenomenon.  We would be wise to pay attention.


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