Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In Japan!

I’ve just returned from three weeks in Japan.  In the past I’ve lived and worked in Japan, so I’m very familiar with the people and culture, but this was my first visit in 17 years.  I found that what I’ve enjoyed about the country hasn’t changed – cleanliness, an orderly approach to life, individual courtesy (not so evident in crowds), trains and buses that run on time, and great food.

Being away from home and a set, predictable routine is always a useful experience.  I am more attuned to what is new and unfamiliar.  I see with fresh eyes.  As in San Francisco, local issues and share the stage with global concerns.  Interestingly, while the local specifics are different, the contexts are similar.  Corruption and government incompetence grab headlines.  So do the woes of local sports teams.  And weather abnormalities are always of interest.

On my first morning in Tokyo I was greeted by an earthquake.  I guess the local gods wanted to make sure I felt at home.  They did a good job of it, that day and all the others.  I had a good trip, but as always I’m very glad to be home.


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