Saturday, August 01, 2015

Sports Report!

Good news:  In Boston, ex-Giant and not missed Pablo Sandoval is taking some heat.  His batting average is at a career low, he is making errors in the field, and while he won’t admit it, his blubbery weight has skyrocketed.  Couldn’t happen to a more deserving jerk.

More Boston uproar (and who cares elsewhere):  Tom Brady’s four-game suspension is upheld and deflate-gate continues.  Now the player’s union is going to court to argue their case for more leniency.  Boring.

Good news:  The English Premier League season begins in a week.  Now we can have some real football to watch.

Miracle on grass:  Tiger Woods made the cut at this weekend’s PGA tournament.  No piling on Tiger.  His fall has been painful to watch.

Possible bad judgment:  San Francisco, don’t even think about wanting the 2024 Olympics now that Boston has had the good sense to drop out.  Hosting is a waste of time and money.

FIFA scandal:  More people in court and out on bail.  We haven’t even scratched the surface of what has been going on for decades in this cesspool of corruption.

Cricket (in case you care):  Australia is in trouble in the Ashes, behind 2-1 to the English.  Well, a lot of the old colonials care even if you don’t.

Go Giants!


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