Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tuned Out/In!

What I’m not paying attention to at the moment:

Speeches/interviews by people running for President.  It’s too soon.
Whether interest rates will go up this year.  They either will or they won’t.
What Europe will do about Greece’s debt.  They’ll figure something out.
Upcoming Supreme Court decisions.  I’ll find out when they announce them.
Possible takeovers in the communications industry.  Can’t follow the implications.
Pope Francis.  OK, OK, I get it.  He’s a good guy.
The Apple Watch.  I like Apple and will never buy one.
NHL Finals.  On this one I may change my mind and tune in.
The Women’s World Cup.  No charisma and too slow.

What has my attention:

The NBA Finals.  Unless the Warriors continue to disappoint.
The Giants.  Go Giants!
FIFA.  The more revelations the better.
And aside from sports:
ISIS and the various battles in the Middle East.  Doesn’t look good.
Police violence against blacks.  So what else is new?
The California drought.  Yes, I’m flushing less.
Migrants/refugees around the world.  Horrific conditions and little outrage.
India.  Has been on my watch list for decades.

New books, movies and TV shows.  Only problem?  Not enough time for them all.


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