Sunday, April 19, 2015


In the world of international economics, people are worried that the U.S. is failing to lead, and leadership is necessary.  Blame is spread in all directions.  Here at home the Republicans are blaming Obama.  Abroad, the worriers are blaming our dysfunctional government.  Neutrals are bemused, when they too are not worried. 

Another topic of conversation, and a worry for many Americans, is the feeling that the U.S. is losing our position as #1.  Oh my God, China is catching us.  Oh my God, American exceptionalism is threatened.  OMG, the end is near.  OMG, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.  Again, neutrals are bemused.

The 19 (can this be true – 19 of them?) potential Republican presidential candidates are gathered in New Hampshire ostensibly to tout their credentials as the best of the lot.  But their touting is focused on dissing Hillary.  Who can gain the most points by bad mouthing the likely Democratic opponent?  I’ll talk about myself later, they blab, but first let me tell you how awful that Clinton woman is.  Neutrals are both bemused and disgusted by the charade.

Dick Cheney is in the news again spouting venomous lies about his time in office and taking no responsibility for leading us into costly, useless wars.  He is the poster boy for the validity of the proposition that if you lie long enough it will be accepted as the truth.  Since he should have been dead long ago but lives on thanks to a new heart and various other machines to keep him alive, I take his longevity either as evidence that there is a God or evidence that there is no God.  Choose what you want to believe.  As for me, I’m not bemused.


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