Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Skeptical About Apple Watch!

Apple announced its new toy yesterday, the Apple Watch.  I may be shortsighted and/or old fashioned, but I can’t see how this is going to be a big success.  From a technology point of view, it is dependent on a phone, which everyone already has, doesn’t do much more than the phone already does, and is expensive.

As a piece of jewelry it is a high-end watch, which means that Apple is now competing in the world of fashion.  So is it an advance in the world of mobile devices (Apple’s core competency) or has Apple launched itself into the fashion business?  What I’m seeing is a mixed message and that may be the source of my skepticism.  Should I consider it a useful tool in my day-to-day life or are they asking me to buy a fancy new watch?

Yes, up to now Apple devices have led the way in design.  They are beautiful.  And from what I read Apple Watches are also beautiful.  However, to distinguish themselves, to set themselves apart in the game they’ve now decided to play in, is a tall order.  Seems to me they’ve overreached and aren’t likely to win this one.


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