Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sad Stories!

Some sad stories in the news these days:

Brian Williams – His career threatened because he couldn’t/didn’t risk the temptation to embellish his Iraq war experiences with made up stuff.  Unless something new emerges, like lies about what he reported he saw during Katrina, he’ll weather this media/Internet storm, but we’ll never trust him like we did before.

Tiger Woods – Not being able to finish a tournament two weeks in a row.  Last weekend he didn’t make the cut.  This weekend he pulled out because of back pain.  He hasn’t been the same since his wife beat him up that night years ago in Florida.  We thought he would overtake Nicklaus and wine more majors than anyone in history.  Not gonna happen.

Innocent people being killed – In Ukraine, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Mexico, etc. etc.  And by cops in the U.S.

Harper Lee – She’s become a pawn as competing camps argue about why she is going to publish a book written before her only other known best seller, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Argentina – Awash in theories about who killed the prosecutor who accused the President of conspiring with Iran to cover up responsibility for the bombing of a Jewish community center.

Vaccinations – Preventing children from contracting dangerous diseases, like measles, has become a political controversy.  Ridiculous!

Dean Smith – A great coach dies.


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