Friday, December 19, 2014

In Case You Missed It!

In China they have “Pain Experience Camps” where expectant fathers are fitted with electrodes that simulate childbirth contractions.  It is reported that their wives approvingly watch the process.

Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing Colorado, saying that legalization of marijuana has led to cross-border drug trafficking in their states.

The Wall Street Journal disapproves of New York Governor Cuomo’s move to ban fracking.  Big surprise!

The Wall Street Journal disapproves of Obama’s new Cuba policy.  Another big surprise, right?

Cover up:  A Korean Air flight attendant who was ordered off a plane when the daughter of the airline’s chairman threw a tantrum is accusing Korean Air and government officials of trying to whitewash the incident.

Cover up:  Michael Garcia, hired by FIFA to investigate corruption in the World Cup bidding process, has resigned.  His report, which apparently corroborates the allegations, was watered down and will not be seen by the public.  As usual, FIFA and its dictator/president Sepp Blatter think public accountability and transparency are dirty words.

In Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for cracking down on undocumented immigrants, is disbanding a squad that has focused on raiding businesses to arrest people with fake IDs.  This move follows evidence that Arpaio’s people have been profiling Latinos and are facing civil rights violations.

Don Siegelman, former Governor of Alabama serving time for a bribery conviction, has been denied bail while he appeals.  This is not his first appeal.  For nine years his claims that he is a victim of political prosecution have been bouncing around the federal court system.

Legislators in Kenya’s Parliament stopped voting and started fighting in a dispute over a controversial security measure.  I have no information on who hit who and whether there was a winner.  Democracy in action.

In Myanmar, three men pleaded not guilty to charges they insulted religion.  They had posted an online ad for a bar in Yangon that featured an image of a pink Buddha wearing headphones.  I wonder whether the offense was the color or the headphones. 


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