Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday!

I was going to post a comment about Black Friday today, making the point that I was not a participant in the mad rush to buy and save money on this day.  Let other people do that.  I can stay in my cocoon and have my usual peaceful day.

Until I saw a new email in my inbox – from a winery I buy from regularly.  It was a Black Friday offer – 30% off and no charge for shipping.  Coincidentally, I had note in front of me to remind me to make a purchase from this winery today anyway.  I had one of their wines the other day and want to add some to drink in the future.

30% off and no shipping charge.  That’s a good deal.  So I placed the order.  Online to be sure, from the comfort of my cocoon, yes.  But I cannot with any integrity assert that I am above it all, immune from Black Friday madness.

Hummm – I wonder if there is anything else I need today!


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