Thursday, October 16, 2014


An unfair competition for people’s attention is underway in the media:

All consuming:  Every last detail having to do with the three Ebola cases in the U.S.
Eliciting a yawn:  The thousands of people dying in Africa.

All consuming:  Every last detail about NFL players being arrested/accused of something.
Eliciting a yawn:  The NFL culture that spawns such behavior.

All consuming:  Whether the Democrats will retain control of the Senate.
Eliciting a yawn:  The midterm elections in general.

All consuming (at least in California):  The drought in California.
Eliciting a yawn:  The environmental reality behind it all.

All consuming:  The daily ups and downs of the stock market.
Eliciting a yawn:  The overall state of the economy.

All consuming:  The latest ISIS beheading.
Eliciting a yawn:  The societal pathology that is the breeding ground for ISIS.

All consuming:  The scandal du jour, be it political, celebrity, business, etc.
Eliciting a yawn:  Good works being done quietly by well known people. 


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