Saturday, August 02, 2014

In Case You Missed It!

Atheist TV, a new streaming service, is now available on the Internet.  Good idea.

Colorado is moving ahead to mandate labels on goodies infused with marijuana.  Good idea.

New start-ups are at work on biotech drugs for pets.  An untapped market.

A Wall Street Journal editorial criticizes Republicans in Congress.  Must be pretty bad for that to happen.

A lawsuit has been brought by Friends of Animals because they don’t trust the Port Authority to live up to its policy to trap and relocate snowy owls in NY area airports rather than killing them.  Again, government can’t be trusted.

The World Health Organization says that the Ebola virus is spreading faster than efforts to curb it.  Sounds like the plot of “The Last Ship.”

Lawyers for the inmate who took two hours to die by lethal injection say he was given 15 times the standard dose of the sedative used.  I wonder what good the lawyers will do for the dead man.

Sundance will do a Film Festival in Hong Kong in September.  It’s their pivot to Asia.

Have a good weekend!


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