Friday, June 27, 2014

The Enemy of My Enemy, etc.!

Let’s see if I’ve got this right:

We would like to see Assad out in Syria.  But then when he bombs ISIS (who we don’t like) in Iraq it looks like a good thing?

We don’t want to see Iran expand its influence in Iraq.  But then when the Quds commander visits Baghdad for the purpose of providing support from Iran to Iraq it looks like a good thing?

After three years of being unable to sort out the good rebels from the bad rebels in Syria we’ve decided to give $500 million to the good rebels (whoever they are) and that looks like a good thing?

The Iranians (bad guys) have been supplying arms to Assad (bad guy) through Iraq (good guys?)  Now that ISIS (bad guys) control the Iraq/Syria border does that help or hurt the good/bad guys?

We would like to keep Iraq in one piece.  The ISIS Sunnis (bad guys) already control the north and west of the country.  Other Sunnis (anti-ISIS good guys) are opposed to the current al Maliki (bad guy) government.  Kurds (good guys) want their own government.  Shias, the majority, are divided with Shia militias (bad guys) more powerful than Shia army (good guys) and a lot of Shias just want to be left alone.

If Kurds (good guys) get their own government it will upset countries with Kurdish minorities like Turkey (good guys) and Iran (bad guys) as well as Iraq.

I hope this clarifies the situation. 


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