Monday, June 02, 2014

Knee Jerk!

It is tiresome.  The predictable knee jerk reaction from Republicans about everything Obama does or doesn’t do:

Free an American POW.  Bad!  Will endanger other soldiers.

Reduce carbon emissions.  Bad!  Will cost jobs.

Stay out of unnecessary wars.  Bad!  Shows American weakness.

Get out of Afghanistan.  Bad!  The Taliban will come back.

Negotiate with Iran.  Bad!  We are being duped.

Clean up the Veteran’s Administration.  Bad!  Should have been done years ago.

Keep assault weapons out of the hands of criminals.  Bad!  It’s a war on the 2nd Amendment.

Fix America’s decaying infrastructure.  Bad!  We can’t afford it.

Invest in research and technology.  Bad!  We can’t afford it.

Raise the minimum wage.  Bad!  Will cost jobs.

Raise taxes for the top 1%.  Bad!  It’s not fair.

Like I say:  Tiresome!


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