Thursday, May 08, 2014

Not a Smart Move!

NBC spends $7.75 billion to nail down a deal to cover the Olympics through 2032.  Wake up, guys.  Every year fewer and fewer people care about these games and every year more and more people want to watch TV on their schedule, not yours.  Not a smart move!

An Indonesian woman is said to have violated Shariah law by being found in the same room with a married man.  First, the 8 guys who found her in that room gang-raped her and covered her with sewage.  Then they turned her over to the police.  The top Shariah law enforcer now says she should be caned publicly for being in the room with the married guy.  Not a smart move!

The Dalai Lama has returned to Norway to commemorate the Nobel Peace Prize he received there 25 years ago.  The government, yielding to pressure from China, is refusing to meet with him.  This is the same government that claims it is in the forefront of political tolerance.  Not a smart move!

The Golden State Warriors fire Mark Jackson after two winning seasons.  Finally they win after wallowing in the toilet forever, and the guy gets canned because of “philosophical” differences with management.  In other words, the boss didn’t like him.  Yes, owners have the right to choose the manager.  But not a smart move!

Syrian rebels want antiaircraft missiles from the U.S.  Be careful, guys.  Remember we gave them to the Afghans in the 80’s to help them get rid of the Russians.  Problem is, once the Russians were gone the missiles were used against us.  Not a smart move!


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