Wednesday, April 09, 2014

In Case You Missed It!

In Pakistan, a 9-month old boy has been charged with attempted murder.  In court he stopped crying after he was given his bottle.  He’s now in hiding.  How did this happen?  Don’t ask.

In San Francisco, Shrimp Boy Chow’s lawyer says the FBI entrapped his client.  I wonder if Shrimp Boy’s co-defendant, State Senator Yee, will make the same claim.

Separatist movements seem to be in vogue – in Quebec, Spain, Ukraine, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, and many more – most of which you’ve never heard of.

The Navy, Coast Guard and California Air National Guard won’t seek reimbursement for rescuing a family on a broken-down sailboat 900 miles off the coast of Mexico.  The family included two kids, 1 and 3 years old.  It’s fine to rescue for free.  It’s not fine for two parents to take toddlers on a long sea journey.  How about charging them with criminal endangerment – or something?

The Secret Service guys who were drunk while in the Netherlands to protect Obama (one was found passed out in a hotel hallway) have been reassigned.  Nice for Obama; not nice for the next person they’re supposed to protect.  I wonder what it takes to get fired from that job.

Al Sharpton says the story that he was an FBI informer in the 80’s is old news.  Right.  Still juicy though.  Seeing the righteous get outed is fun – old or new.

There is a great recipe for carciofi all giudia (fried artichokes Jewish Roman style) in today’s New York Times.  Check it out.

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