Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Looking For Mr. Goodnews!

The Senate claims the CIA is spying on them – not too good.
Obama’s approval rating hits a new low – not too good for the Dems.
Still can’t find the missing Malaysian airliner – definitely not good.
Sanctions against Russia because of Crimea are on the way – may be too little too late.
Ex-leader of Ukraine says upcoming election is illegal – the guy is braying in the wind.
Enrollment in new health plans is below target – not good.
Republican won election in Florida – not good for the Dems.
Swedish journalist is killed in Afghanistan – not good.
Libya’s prime minister is booted out – good? 
Trial of general accused of sex-assault halted so they can work out a plea – good for him, bad for
            the criminal justice system.
Demonstrations in Turkey – not good.

Overall assessment:  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Maybe not.


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