Thursday, February 20, 2014

Only in San Francisco!

Some people who work in Silicon Valley want to live in San Francisco.  To make life easier for them companies like Google have been providing transportation for these employees – comfortable buses with wifi and pickups not far from where they live.

Good idea, yes?  Reduces traffic congestion on the highways, saves energy, costs less.  Yes, a good idea unless you’re one of the San Francisco progressive crazies who see capitalist conspiracies around every urban corner.  Then it’s a nefarious plot to penalize average working people who don’t have perks like this.

They say these big bad Google buses clutter up muni stops.  They inhibit disabled people from getting on and off buses.  They encourage tech workers to live in the city, which causes rents to rise.  It costs the city money.  Etc., etc. 

A sensible progressive friend of mine, who didn’t see conspiracies everywhere, once said:  “Don’t be so broad minded that your brains are falling out.”  These idiots are now trying everything they can think of to banish Google buses.  Most recently they’ve asked the Board of Supervisors to do an environmental review that I guess they hope will prove Google buses are the cause of global warming.  Who knows what they really want?  Except to perpetuate a class war that in this case doesn’t exist.

I’m for reducing inequality.  I’m also for common sense. 


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