Tuesday, January 07, 2014

American Footie!

Those of you who follow this blog know that I’m passionate about the game the whole world calls football.  The whole world that is, except for the good old USA.  We’ve got a different kind of football here about which my compatriots are passionate.

In the olden days college football was never high on my agenda.  However, with the rise of the 49ers and the glory days in these parts, I too was a passionate follower of the pro game.  That lasted until the fall of DeBartolo, the rise of the Yorks and the long and prolonged descent of the 49ers from the heights to the toilet.

I was disinterested, and remained so until the last couple of years.  Even though I’m still mad at the owners for moving to Santa Clara, as a sports fan it’s hard to ignore Harbaugh, Kaepernick and a great defense.  Sunday’s win over the Packers was a terrific game, at least for 49er faithful and neutrals if not for the cheeseheads.  Kaepernick still drives me crazy with his inability to get plays off on time, but there is no denying how he came through in the clutch multiple times on Sunday.

And other wild card games over the weekend were also terrific.  Especially the Colts comeback against the Chiefs and New Orleans winning in the final seconds.  The games are still too long.  I deal with this by either recording and watching later with my fast forward finger at the ready or muting the sound and reading a good book while the game is going on.  Unlike real football, American footie does not require constant watching to follow it.

Finally, consistent with my revived interest, I’ve paid more attention to college games this year.  I was rewarded by a fabulous BCS final last night.  Auburn and Florida State did themselves and their game proud.  Good for them.  And congratulations to the millions of fans who are not fair weather followers like me.  They deserve a gift from time to time.

And now, let me tell you how good Juventus is this year . . . 


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