Friday, December 06, 2013

Observations for Today!

An unforgettable moment:  Nelson Mandela walking to freedom in Feb. 1990.
Observation:  Expectations were high.  He didn’t disappoint.

The World Cup draw – the US against Germany, Portugal and Ghana.
Observation:  Uh, oh.  US fans should come up with a Plan B for next June.

Near freezing in San Francisco.
Observation:  Cool, but no snow.  Take that, Midwesterners and East Coasters.

More killing and slaughter than usual in the news this morning.
Observation:  So what else is new?

Lots of talk about Bitcoins these days.
Observation:  I still don’t understand what a Bitcoin is.

The Pope’s words and actions continue to surprise.
Observation:  Good for him.

There is talk of a two-year budget deal in the House.
Observation:  An early Xmas present?  I guess we should be thankful.

Two David Brooks columns this week.  I guess he’s back from being on book leave.
Observation:  A thoughtful, sane voice – whether I agree with his opinions or not.


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