Monday, November 11, 2013

Sorry/Happy About That!

Sorry that the negotiations with Iran on nuclear issues haven’t succeeded – yet.
Sorry that the talks between Israel and the Palestinians are, it seems, off the rails.
Sorry that the 49ers looked so shitty against Carolina yesterday.
Sorry that Obama’s bad patch on seemingly everything he touches continues.
Sorry that Man U beat Arsenal yesterday.
Sorry that so many people died and are suffering in the Philippines after the cyclone.
Sorry that California rainfall is way below normal this year.

Happy that San Francisco is having another tech boom.
Happy that Juve beat Napoli yesterday.
Happy that “Treme” will begin a new season soon.
Happy that legalizing marijuana is on a roll.
Happy that legalizing same-sex marriage is on a roll.
Happy that the Tea Party lost ground in last week’s elections.
Happy that I watched “Before Midnight” and loved it.

Happy to be able to wish you a happy day!


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