Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bad Jokes!

Beware the Ides of October.  A few months off from Shakespeare’s warning in “Julius Caesar,” but apropos anyway.

The farce going on between the Democrats and Republicans, the House and Senate, and the White House and everyone continues.  I’m reminded of an African proverb:  When the elephants fight the grass suffers.  The grass, of course, is all the rest of us.  Today, tomorrow, some day, these irresponsible fools will get an agreement together and step back from the brink.  Until the next time.  There’s no end in sight!

Another bad joke:  The U.S. trying to make an agreement with Karzai and the Afghans about leaving our troops behind in some capacity after the bulk withdraws next year.  What’s the point?  There is an illusion that we can have some influence on what happens.  We don’t have any influence now, even though we have many troops on the ground.  Afghanistan will continue to be a corrupt failed state, with or without the Taliban, with or without U.S. troops, with or without some agreement.  Get with the program guys – this is a waste of time!

Bad jokes #3, #4, etc.:

Thinking that by withholding aid we can influence the Egyptian military dictators.  Won’t happen!

Thinking the Israelis will be less strident about Iran if some progress can made in the talks that begin with the Iranians today!

Thinking that ridding Syria of chemical weapons will make it easier to get rid of Assad.  A good idea, but won’t happen!

Thinking that the Republican crazies who are tying up the government will pay the price in the next elections.  Won’t happen!  If anything, they’ll win reelection by greater margins than the last time around.

Thinking that the Supreme Court will put any limits on money in politics.  Won’t happen!  The super rich will expand their influence in the next few years.  Money talks!  Democracy walks!

That’s enough for now.  Have a nice day!


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