Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Congress will approve limited bombing strikes against Syria.  So Obama will get what he wants.  Will it make any difference insofar as the Syrian civil war is concerned?  No!

Internecine warfare within the Republican Party will continue at least through the 2016 election.  I wish both sides all the best.  Long may they battle!

During the next year the Senate will pass an immigration bill.  The House will not!

The Microsoft-Nokia alliance to compete in the mobile phone market will have little impact on Apple and Google’s dominance!

Speaking of Microsoft – getting rid of Ballmer won’t change their fortunes.  It’s too little too late!

Pre-season college football ‘experts’ say Alabama is far and away the best team.  They won’t be saying that when the season ends!

And regarding football across the pond:  I’d like to see Liverpool and Arsenal do well.  I predict Chelsea will win in England, Real Madrid in Spain and Juventus in Italy.  Best team in Europe?  Bayern Munich.  Bummer!

The Generals in Egypt will free Mubarak and jail Morsi.  They will continue to rule with an iron fist!

Jon Stewart is back and will pick up where he left off being excellent without missing a beat!

I don’t have any predictions or opinions about what will happen as “Breaking Bad” concludes its run.  Who will be left standing?  Walter?  Hank?  Jesse?  Skyler?  Whatever happens, I’ll miss them all when they’re gone!


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