Friday, October 25, 2013

We Are Grateful!

A reader has requested I pass on some good news, something uplifting.  Enough of the negative stuff, at least for today.  So here it is:

The sun is shining.  It is warm and quiet.  Peaceful.

We are blessed with good fortune.  We didn’t earn it, or even deserve it.  But there it is, and we are grateful.

We are in good health.  Those we love are doing well.  And we are grateful.

We have food and clothing and a beautiful home.  And we are grateful.

The violence that occurs all too often, both man made and from nature, has passed us by.  And we are grateful.

These blessings are with us every day.  While the bad news gets the attention, the good news is too easily forgotten.  Yet these blessings are with us every day.  And we are grateful.

We give thanks and do not take our blessings for granted.  We are grateful!


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