Thursday, November 14, 2013


I’m reasonably intelligent.  I stay up to date on what’s happening.  I listen to what people have to say.  Yet, sometimes I’m left puzzled.

I know that affordable health care for everyone is a good thing.  But is the Affordable Health Care Act a good thing?  The pros and cons and charges and countercharges haven’t clarified this for me.

I know that secrecy in government can be used as a cover-up for evil acts.  But are Edward Snowden’s revelations about what my government is doing a patriotic act or is he a traitor?  All of the opinions haven’t helped me sort it out.

Should we or shouldn’t we be taking more or less statin drugs?  Even if they lower bad cholesterol do they really reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks?  Are they prevention or treatment?  The doctors don’t agree/don’t know.  Clearly, any decision I make about what meds to take/not take is a guess.

Republicans are using a Senate rule to hold up the nomination process for many would-be appointees.  There is a way around this tactic that Democrats can use.  If they go down this road will it end up coming back to bite them in the ass when the shoe is on the other foot – to mix a few metaphors?  I’m not sure if they should or shouldn’t.

Concussions in football (and other situations) are not good.  Highlighting the frequency with which players receive concussions (including during practice) has started a national conversation.  What to do about it has elicited an avalanche of opinions and left me confused.

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