Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Why do we care that Karzai is obstructing efforts to sign a long-term agreement with the U.S. that will allow forces to remain after the main pullout end of 2014?  Any illusion we have that we’ll be able to stop Afghanistan from deteriorating into chaos is based on wishful thinking and ignoring lessons from the past.  We should get out totally.  Karzai is bluffing.  We should let him have his way and stop participating in whatever game he is playing.

It’s good news that finally we’ve begun talking with Iran.  Let Netanyahu fulminate.  Let the Saudis mutter and grumble.  Let the hawks threaten more sanctions.  Talking is the best policy.  It may even lead to something good.

Same with the Syrian catastrophe.  Do what it takes to get the parties around a table.  For now Assad isn’t going anywhere and the rebels are divided.  The people suffering are the people.  They’re being killed, displaced, terrorized.  It’s in our interest as well as theirs to slow down the slaughter.

And it’s even the same with the Israelis and Palestinians.  Their talk may lead nowhere, but it is better than the alternatives.  And getting them together is also in our self-interest.

Finally, how about talking between the warring parties in the United States?  Having common sense prevail in this great land of ours may be a bigger long shot than all these other intractable issues.  Good luck to us.

Be thankful, tomorrow and every day!


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