Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sports Report!

The 49’ers look like they’re headed to the playoffs.  Yet every time I watch them they look lousy to me.  Penalties at the wrong times.  Bad play calling on third down.  Bad decision-making by Kaepernick.  A lack of discipline.  If they get to the playoffs they won’t be around for long.  Or maybe all this is just me being mad at them for moving to Santa Clara.

Bummer that Juventus got knocked out of the Champion’s League.  Can’t figure out why they’ve done so well in Serie A and so bad in Europe.

I agree with the pundits who have bemoaned the U.S. draw in the World Cup.  Getting past Germany, Portugal and Ghana to make it to the knockout phase would be a miracle.

I’m OK with the moves the Giants have made so far.  Keeping Pence, Lincecum, Lopez and Vogelsong and adding Tim Hudson all make sense to me.  What’s left is to see about getting a left fielder with a bat.  Will they need to give up somebody to make this happen?  Could be.

I think Florida State will clobber Auburn in the BCS title game.  Well, at least the obvious two teams who should be in this game are playing.  By the way, you may recall that I said at the beginning of the season that contrary to all the smart predictions Alabama would not go undefeated.  Nah, you probably don’t remember.  But I do.

I’m happy to see Arsenal doing well in England.  Mesut Özil is beautiful to watch.  Staying with Futbol, Ronaldo should get the best player award this year.  He’s earned it.  And finally, while I’m not happy to say it, I think Bayern Munich is the best team in Europe and will win the Champion’s League.

I hear the America’s Cup fell short of reaching their financial goals, so the city may need to be out of pocket for the pleasure of hosting the event.  I can’t say I’m surprised.  Beyond the cost of the event itself it’s hard to figure the economic impact for businesses who gained because of an influx of visitors.  I don’t favor the city, i.e., taxpayers like me, needing to pay to have the America’s Cup here.  I do favor having it return, just because the location is so beautiful for all the world to see.


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