Monday, April 28, 2014

Random Thoughts!

I noticed that I wasn’t eager to watch “12 Years a Slave,” highly acclaimed best picture, etc.  Figured it would be well done and very disturbing.  I watched it last night and I was right.  Well done and very disturbing.

Coming on the heels of a week in which racism was in the news, maybe I should have put off confronting “12 Years.”  I think the racist rancher in Nevada and the racist owner of the LA Clippers should be given a public service award for their comments.  They just said out loud what the silent racists think but won’t say.  Black president or no, racism is alive and well in the good old U.S. of A.

It was also a good week for Putin.  Verbally and militarily escalating the crisis in Ukraine while the US and Europe tut tut and threaten but can’t/won’t do anything to counter the Russian dictator.

Obama’s trip to Asia was underwhelming.  Didn’t get a trade agreement in Japan.  Went to South Korea and said the North Koreans were bad boys.  Said the right words about human rights in Malaysia, but brushed off a Malaysian human rights activist and made nice with the leaders in power.  Now off to the Philippines.  Have a nice trip.

Yesterday was a big day at St. Peters.  Four popes together for the first time.  That two were dead didn’t dampen the festivities.  I noticed that one of the newly sainted was a miracle short of the two miracles that are usually required.  Doesn’t matter.  Give him a pass.  Don’t be fussy about the requirements.  If they can do it in Sumo (Kakuryu was promoted to Yokozuna after only one championship) they can do it at the Vatican with God on their side.

Most distressing event of the week – Chelsea beat Liverpool.  Now Manchester City must drop points or the title will be theirs.

Have a nice day!


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