Friday, April 18, 2014


Which of these promises have been kept?

Guantanamo will be closed.
Immigration reform will be passed.
ObamaCare will be repealed/implemented.
Gay marriage will be made legal/kept illegal.
Taxes will be raised/lowered.
Income inequality will be reduced.
More jobs will be created.
Poverty in the U.S. will decrease.
Education in the U.S. will improve.
Climate change issues will be addressed.
More students will be able to afford college.
The U.S. will adopt an energy policy.
Equality for women will become a reality.
The increasing influence of money in politics will be reduced.
Recurring slaughters will lead to some controls on guns.
Returned veterans will receive the benefits they deserve.

Broken promises are ubiquitous.  They are not limited to one political party.  They are not limited to one interest group.  Until people call promise makers to account for their broken promises nothing will change.


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