Monday, May 19, 2014

Election in India!

In recent days we’ve read about the final results of the recent election in India.  The coverage has focused on an overwhelming victory for the BJP party and its leader Narendra Modi.  I am pleased about the outcome.  India needs a change of leadership and it got one – big time.  I am happy that the BJP won more than half the parliamentary seats so there is no need to cobble together a coalition with smaller regional parties.  Let them rule, follow their agenda and see where it leads.

What hasn’t been talked about is how this election was conducted.  Voting took place in nine phases over a five-week period.  Eligible voters totaled 814.5 million people.  66.38% of them, 540 million, voted.  There was no violence at the polls.  There are no charges of voting irregularities or fraud.  It is now taken for granted that India can pull off an enormous electoral challenge without a hitch. 

This is an amazing accomplishment.  India should be congratulated on a job well done.  


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