Saturday, July 05, 2014

Change of Pace!

It’s a quiet 4th of July weekend, a good time to reflect on what’s right rather than what’s wrong.

There’s a lot wrong with this good old country of ours, now 238 years old, but there’s also a lot right.  Arguably, still the best place on earth to live.  It’s easy to take our freedom for granted, and the spirit that has motivated us.  So this is a good time to remember our blessings and be thankful for them.

The bad guys get the headlines.  But there are many good guys who labor without fanfare.  Good guys who save lives, help their neighbors, give their time and talent for the greater good, expecting nothing in return.  So this is a good time to remember and honor them.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  The mother who puts the well-being of her children before her own – every day.  The kid who goes out of his way to make the new kid in class feel welcome.  The nurse in a V.A. hospital who doesn’t let the inadequacies of the system prevent her from taking good care of her patients.  The parents who love and support their child whose sexual orientation is different than they expected.  Heroes all.  So this is a good time to remember and acknowledge them.

If we stop to take a look, we’ll see that we are surrounded by beauty.  The sunshine on this summer day.  The flowers that weren’t there last week.   The blue sky.  Two young people in love who walk past us totally unaware that we or anything else exists.  An elderly couple holding hands.  So this is a good time to remember the beauty, the gift, of living.

Have a great day!


Anonymous Steve Miller said...

Beautiful thoughts, I always find that when folks are acknowledged I first feel it in my chest then as a tear in my eyes.

7:36 PM  

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