Saturday, August 09, 2014


With thanks to today’s Wall Street Journal Review:

2013 Ig Nobel Prizes for improbable research include the following:
Scientific confirmation that the more alcohol you consume the more attractive you think you are.

Proof that some people can run across the surface of a pond, but only on the moon.

A finding that there is an overabundance of dandruff in the Pakistan army.

Accurate predictions about how soon a cow will stand up after lying down.

Demonstrating why sawing horizontally is easier than cutting straight down.

Evidence that male chess players choose riskier strategies when playing against attractive female opponents even though they know it does not improve their performance.

Wearing socks over shoes reduces the likelihood of slipping on ice.

A new study summarizes 35 years of measuring how fast fingernails grow.

Your ears continue growing throughout your life.

It’s not true that you can get drunk by soaking your feet in alcohol.


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