Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thoughts for Today!

Halloween is still three days away, but as we await Game 6 tonight, Giants fans are haunted by the specter of Game 6 in 2002.  With a 3-2 lead in games over the Angels and a 5-0 lead in the 7th inning, we blew that Game 6 and lost Game 7.  A horror show of the first magnitude not to be repeated in Kansas City – please.  Go Giants!

Ebola confusion abounds in the land.  It typifies the state of governance with which we are afflicted these days.  Individual states are deciding on their own how to handle real or perceived threats.  The Feds are sending out conflicting messages.  The CDC is proving to be incompetent.  And of course for many people Obama is to blame for this and all other viruses.

I’m pleased and not surprised that the tax breaks San Francisco gave in 2011 to Twitter and other businesses willing to locate in the perennially rundown mid-Market Street area are paying off – big time.  More taxes being collected.  And a now unstoppable turnaround in that part of town – with housing, restaurants, stores large and small, etc.  For decades the experts had come up with good ideas that went nowhere.  Finally, common sense prevailed.

I read today that Israel stuck another finger in the eye of world opinion by announcing yet another housing settlement to be constructed in East Jerusalem.  Another unnecessary provocation.  Common sense does not prevail with these guys.  And the US response?  A mild “tut, tut, you boys are being naughty again, tut, tut.”


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