Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Not a Mystery!

I keep hearing the talking heads, the pundits, the opinionators opinionate about why the Democrats did so badly in the midterms. 
n  They focused too much on women
n  They didn’t focus enough on youth
n  People don’t like Obama
n  They didn’t get out the vote
n  The narrative was lacking punch

Don’t people know, they ask, that the economy is better – the deficit is down, there is no inflation, the jobless number is less than 6%? 

No, people don’t know – or care – that all these meta statistics may be going in the right direction.  Why?  Because it hasn’t made any difference in their lives.   “What’s in it for me?” people ask, and rightly so.  No clever ‘narrative’ from Obama or anyone else is going to make any difference in how much they have to spend, what the future looks like for their children or that they see a dysfunctional government getting worse every day.

Everyone is talking about doing more for the middle class.  And the middle class, i.e., most people are waiting for some tangible results.  They are not wedded to a politician or a political party – they care about their own well being. 

It’s not a mystery, guys.  Show results and you’ll be rewarded.  


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