Tuesday, November 04, 2014

It Won't Matter!

After months of campaigning, hundreds of millions of dollars, endless hours in which pundits punditized, and gazilliions of ‘what ifs’ - today is the day.  Will the Republicans get control of the Senate?  Today is the day to find out.  Maybe.  If there are runoffs in Louisiana and Georgia the result may not be final until after the first of the year.

But whenever the results are in and whichever party wins, it won’t matter.  We will continue to have a dysfunctional government, gridlock will prevail, no major initiatives will be possible.  All eyes will turn to 2016, focusing on the next election.

Whoever controls the Senate, Obama will be an even lamer duck.  Partisanship will rule.  The main job for all politicians will not be to serve the public good, but to raise money for the next campaign.

They say hope springs eternal.  That’s still true about your favorite baseball team on the first day of Spring Training.  Is it true for American voters?  At this point – I doubt it.

Have a nice day!


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