Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Good News!

The Senate released the CIA torture report, citing lies, brutality and lack of oversight with little to show for it.  Predictably, the Wall St. Journal and assorted right wingers opine that the conclusions are inaccurate.  Good news!

Apparently 196 countries are going to sign on to an agreement to cut fossil fuel emissions.  Good news!

The UN refugee agency says new commitments will allow for double the number of Syrian refugees who can settle in third countries.  Not enough, but good news!

Also on Syria, the UN food agency says new financial support will allow food aid for refugees to resume.  Good news!

A French hostage who has been held in Mali by Al Qaeda for more than three years has been freed.  Good news!

Congressional leaders reached a deal to keep the government open for a while.  Too little too late, but good news!

Detroit is no longer a city in financial emergency and says it doesn’t need an emergency manager any more.  An outcome few would have predicted a couple of years ago.  Good news!

Juventus made it to the knockout round in the Champion’s League.  Good news!


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