Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chutzpah or Stupidity?

Mitt Romney says he might run again in 2016.  Chutzpah or stupidity?

Chris Christie is joining his friend Jerry Jones at the Dallas-Packers game tomorrow.  This a week after poking his finger in Giants and Eagles fans eyes by hugging Jones after Dallas wins.  Chutzpah or stupidity?

The Justice Department is thinking about charging David Petreaus with a felony for giving classified documents to his mistress.  Chutzpah or stupidity?

Kevin Jorgeson refuses to give up after repeated failures to make it past Pitch 15 on El Capitan’s Dawn Wall.  Then, finally, he makes it.  Chutzpah or stupidity?

I say three stupids and one phenomenal chutzpah.  You figure out which is which.


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