Monday, January 05, 2015

Random Thoughts!

What’s going on with Maureen Dowd?  Her column hasn’t appeared in weeks, and on days when it is scheduled there is a note that says she is off today.  Something’s going on, but they’re not saying what.

I wonder how much business Malaysian airlines have lost in recent months.  Three planes lost in a year is bad luck?  A curse?  Coincidences?  Doesn’t matter.  People will find other ways to fly.

I’m not anti-police.  I know there are some bad cops.  I know that black men are often targeted or killed by white cops.  Even so, I’m glad the cops are on the job.  They are doing a service for me that I can’t do for myself.  But sometimes their behavior, like banding together in an ‘us against the world’ way or turning their back on the Mayor of New York as a protest, is beneath them.  They should act like the heroes they often are.

Another group of heroes are firefighters.  I guess they are also capable of bad behavior, but I’m not aware of it happening too often.  They are truly a band of brothers to whom we’re all in debt.

Finally, teachers.  Their union leaders infuriate me.  Protecting incompetent teachers at the expense of our children’s education is the wrong approach.  They should get behind accountability and reform.  As with cops and firefighters, many are heroes and deserve our thanks.  But not all.

Sorry to see Dallas win yesterday.  Watching Jerry Jones dancing with joy is hard to take.  Let’s hope the Packers send him home crying this coming weekend.  Having said that, gotta give credit to Tony Romo.  He got the job done for the Cowboys.

Did you know that Manchester United played Yoevil Town in an FA Cup game yesterday?  Even though they lost 2-0, Yoevil supporters had a day to be proud of.


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